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Life presents you with many challenges. There’s little you can do about that. But you can prepare for them by harnessing the latest technologies and developing new skills to meet with the inevitables: stress, illness, and disease. While you can’t avoid these, you can radically change your responses to them through the new science of Self-Regulation. Recent studies have shown that previously unimagined levels of self-control of both mind and body are possible—even likely—with the proper training and tools.

Here, you will find extensive information and videos about the new science and practice of Self-Regulation, made possible by a synthesis of ancient mindfulness practices and modern biofeedback (sense-and-display) technologies.

This new synthesis is called Mindfulness-Based Biofeedback Therapy™ (MBBT), a practical and scientifically grounded method of learning Self-Regulation. It was developed to prepare you for the fullness of life, by offering simple methods of flowing with stressors and responding resiliently to life’s challenges, both physical and psychological. It achieves this by combining the ancient skills of mindfulness training with advanced physiological monitoring technology, to first sense, and then display, the functioning of core bodily systems in real-time.

This vital information is then ‘fed-back’ to you via images and sounds, empowering you to rapidly correct and balance each system at will: breath, muscle tension, heart rate and rhythm, skin temperature, and perspiration. MBBT teaches a painless, practical, and fascinating way to improve and maintain your health naturally, from within. It works, because what you can see and sense, you can learn to control. The freedom and power of Self-Regulation lie in your ability to react skillfully to stressors.

Mindfulness meditation is an essential element of MBBT. It is what cultivates the steadiness of mind necessary to sense and then direct your physiological systems, by accessing the physical connections that are already present within you. This ancient practice has been highly refined over thousands of years in a variety of contemplative traditions. MBBT teaches several of the most practical and elegant techniques of mindfulness practice. You will learn to sharpen and stabilize your attention, and then skillfully direct it to the moment-by-moment changes in bodily sensations that signal movement towards greater or lesser well-being. Mindfulness teaches sensitivity and control, while maintaining deep relaxation and mental clarity. This is a rare skill, and the experience of it can be quite profound. And healing.

MBBT will help you form and deepen healthy habits and achieve new levels of balance in both body and mind. This is the promise of Self-Regulation: the key to health, happiness, and well-being.

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A Window into the Self: Mind & Body

Optimum health, the natural way, through self-knowledge and self-regulation

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How it Works:

  1. 1. Sensors display your body’s tension patterns, such as heart rate & rhythm, breath rate, blood flow, and muscle tension

  2. 2. You directly observe which internal sensations soothe or disrupt these patterns

  3. 3. You grow in control and confidence with each session

  4. 4. Customized home exercises and audio programs form strong self-regulation habits

  5. 5. Authentic mindfulness training systematically guides you to higher levels of self-control of body & mind